Gratton, Coles, and Donchin (1983) EMCP:

The file linked above contains C source and Windows executables for the Gratton, Coles, and Donchin (1983) eye-movement artifact correction algorithm, detailed in the articles listed below. This software can be used with Neuroscan .EEG format data files up through Neuroscan version 4.3, as well as with the ascii and binary formats described in the documentation.

Gratton, G., Coles, M. G. H., & Donchin, E. (1983). A new method for off-line removal of ocular artifact. Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology, 55, 468-484.

Miller, G. A., Gratton, G., & Yee, C. M. (1988). Generalized implementation of an eye movement correction procedure. Psychophysiology, 25, 241-243.

This version is based on EMCPX, which was written by James Turner, in 1993 for AIX and the IBM RS-6000. Subsequent modifications were made by Brian Foote, Kevin Spencer, and Bill Gehring. For further information please see the file emcp.doc.